Response to "FITNA" about Quran, part 1

According to Islamic-Dictionary >> Fitna / Fitnah means :

To set up rivalry among the Muslims. To disclose secrets about the actions of another person (slang: snitching or grassing).
According to Quran and Sunnah >> Fitna / Fitnah interpretes as follows :
Confusing truth with falsehood, Testing and trial, Blocking the way and turning people away, …
to find out more about the word Fitna / Fitnah check out this link :
This video is to answerFITNA” to Islam :  

4 thoughts on “Response to "FITNA" about Quran, part 1

  1. Asalaamoalaikum, Thank you for posting these beautiful verses from the Quran that ask Muslims to be fair and only fight if someone is an oppressor and stop “when they desist”
    May you get many hasanaat for bringing this to the public.

  2. Wa’alaikumsalam,

    yes, that point should be clear to everyone. there are people who played with Quran’s surahs for their own purpose/nafs/ego.

    jazak Allahhu khairan.


  3. Asalamu Alikum, Jazak Allah for posting this and in addition I do beleive that such work(s) are just commiting the ‘stereotyping sin’ which unfortunately equals ‘Islam’ with ‘Muslims’ who interepert it wrong.

    I’m inviting you sis for my blog.

  4. @ Hichaam,


    Thank you for your visit. I have visited your blog and sweeped some posts that attract my attention…i do like your blog! Insha Allah will visit often… 🙂


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