Why afraid of Madrasah ?

I can’t help myself not to write this article after came accross a blog which aim to stop Madrasah. With no intention to look down their rights to vocalize it as a citizen, all i would like to say is they are ‘too paranoid’ towards Madrasah. Thus, i want to clarify what Madrasah is all about and what else schools in islam.

In islam, we knew two types of schools :

  • Madrasah
  • Pesantren / Pondok

Wikipedia >> Madrasah (Arabic: مدرسة, madrasa pl. madāris) is the Arabic word for any type of school, secular or religious (of any religion). It is variously transliterated as madrasah, madarasaa, medresa, madrassa, madraza, madarsa, etc.

  • Madrasa Islamia translates as ‘Islamic school’.
  • Madrasa deeneya translates as ‘religious school’.
  • Madrasa khasa translates as ‘private school’.

Wikipedia >> Pesantren or Pondok Pesantren are Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia. Pesantren aim to deepen knowledge of the Quran, particularly through the study of Arabic, traditions of exegesis, the Sayings of the Prophet, law and logic. The term pesantren derives from the root word santri or student — pe-santri-an or the place of the santri. Santri are students who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of Islamic religious matters by studying in pesantren and other religious education institutions.

Interesting to notice that mass medias in European country and United States have been given a negatively false connotations to Madrasah as a islamic religious schools. Please note, Madrasah is just another school which may have different affiliation and curriculum.

Three of my cousins and nephews are schooling there, of course they are not there to be terrorists or something like that, no way. Their parent simply just want them to be competent in worldy modern knowledge as well as in islamic teaching.

They study all general subject as it taught in normal school, the different is they study Quran more. The study of Quran such as, Quran memoration, Arabic language and litterature, Quran tafseer, Shariah (islamic law), history, etc. Formal language in school are english and arabic.

Pesantren are seen as one of great Islamic traditions in Indonesia. Beside the fact that Pesantren are accused of breeding terrorists and jihadists (Islamic fighters), pesantren main purpose is to create a qualified new scholars (imam). Pesantren curriculum has four possible components: 1) traditional religious education, called ngaji; 2) government recognized curricula (there are two different types to choose from); 3) vocational skills training; 4) character development. Over the years, pesantren have modernised their curricula to provide a mix of religious and non-religious subjects, such as the natural sciences.To compliment the national education system, some pesantren have established modern education programs in the form of madrasah (graded style primary, junior and senior secondary schools). These Islamic schools follow nationally set curriculum in addition to providing several hours a week of religious education. In Indonesia, the government has accredited madrasah certificates equivalent to those of general schools so that madrasah graduates can access higher education. A possible dilemma of this accommodation is the inevitable influence and interference of the government, and the relative reduction in hours devoted to religious studies. This makes them less relevant as institutions that were established to provide religious education.
Islam is not necessarily anti-globalisation. Islam is indeed a universal religion. It is the secularist form of globalisation that is objectionable to most Muslims. Globalisation requires spiritual vision, not simply rational materialism. Dismantling the very spiritual basis of life is to neglect the deepest meaning of life for Muslims.


5 thoughts on “Why afraid of Madrasah ?

  1. I think most of it is just being scared of the unfamiliar. Islam, until recently, was largely unknown here in America (and probably most of the Western world). When the attacks on the World Trade Center took place, it was the first time most people started hearing about Islam. I think here in America Islam is seen as a ‘middle-eastern’ religion, which makes it foreign and strange. Since Bin Ladin called his crusade against western morality a jihad and based it in Islam, many people came to equate Islam with terrorism. It’s sad, but for many people here, Muslim and terrorist are almost interchangable.

    What I wish people here would realize is that all the media portrays is Islam taken to the extreme. What Bin Ladin and al-Qa’ida are doing isn’t normal Islam. Just like the Fundamentalist Christians who believe that the Bible should be taken absolutely literally isn’t what true Christianity is.

    RayonSoleil >> Thank you for stopping by and for your valuable comment.

  2. wah diriku pernah madrasah 6 tahun sampai smp.. trus sma sempet mondok juga sebulan 🙂

    Keliatan kok hasilnya…orang2 seperti Hangga nih harapan untuk jadi pemimpin Indonesia kelak. Amin.
    Salam bro….

  3. duhhh dimoderasi?? 😦
    apa karena pake bahasa Indonesia ya ❓

    Tolong deh…bahasa kok jadi masalah. Tujuan blog ini memang buat orang2 barat kok. Biar mereka mengenal lebih baik tentang ajaran islam. Jangan salah artikan dg lain2.

  4. Alhamdollillah! Excellent!Excellent! article clarifying the differences of the titles of the educational systems in muslim countries.
    I think you are doing a great service in blogosphere in clearing doubts and misconceptions!
    May Allah reward you!

    Jazak Allahu Khairan sr Aqfish.

  5. assalaamu’alaikum wr. wb.

    great…! we need more than just style, because Islam the only one in my life.

    wassalaamu’alaikum wr. wb.

    RS >> wa’alaikumsalam,

    Jazak Allahu Khairan for your visit…you are welcome here !


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