The marriage of Muhammad SAW and Aisha (2)

Prophet Muhammad Aisha marriage. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh – peace be upon him) and Aisha (ra) Islamic marriage fulfills all modern criteria of mature consenting adults. The real sexual abuse is non-Islamic marital laws.
This presentation (part 2) discusses several lies about the marriage of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to Sayyideh Aisha:
– did the prophet force Abu Bakr to accept the marriage
– were sexual acts performed when Aisha was six
– had Aisha reached puberty when her marriage was consummated
– did Aisha consent to the marriage
– does the Quran and Islam permit consummation to prepubescent girls
– did Prophet Muhammad invent Islam to satisfy his sexual desires
The slander of pedophile against Prophet Muhammad in his marriage to Aisha is exposed. Prophet Mohamed is the true example for all mankind. Islamic marital law sharia is shown to surpass all others.