This blog is such a mirror to me

Through it i see myself and see how dirty i am…

Rayon Soleil

19 thoughts on “About

  1. @ rainydaystory

    no special reason. i am a master of none of these languages 😀 so… i only use what i am sure of the meaning and what i feel more appropriate to describe my thought.

    and you ? you use english for your header but indonesian language for the posts… 😀

  2. why do you use some languages in the header of this blog? but in the body, you just use english at all?

  3. cool. sejuk. asik banget tulisannya.
    boleh dikutip? if you don’t mind, of course.

    salam kenal, danke…
    von darmstadt – jerman

  4. Assalaamu’alaikum wr wb

    Emang enak ya… pake blog bahasa Inggris… lebih mendunia..
    sayangnya… saya udah “berkarat” bahasa Inggrisnya…kelaman gak dipake.. (he he he.. hari-hari kan pake “bahasa bayi”)

    Tetap semangat…
    agar bisa menebar cahaya Illahi keseluruh pelosok dunia. Amin

  5. @ Yanti


    Terus terang saya pun bahasa inggrisnya sangat terbatas…tapi hal itu bukan halangan dan lewat blog ini juga saya terus belajar dan memperbaiki kekurangan2 dalam menulis.

    Terima kasih atas dukungannya, sifat yg Yanti tunjukan adalah sifat seorang mukmin yang sebenarnya, saling mendukung dan mendoakan sesama saudara muslim dalam melakukan kebaikan.

    Semoga Allah SWT melimpahkan Rahmat Nya pada kita semua. Amin.


  6. Asalaamoalaikum, I am glad to see the excerpts from “Dont be Sad” A friend gave me this book when Tariq died. I found it tremendously uplifting. I still enjoy re-reading many sections. The ones you posted had escaped my attention, so that is great that you posted them. Thanks.

  7. @ Asqfish,

    I am a fan of this book, as you found it uplifting and so did i. I still re-read the part that i think i need myself to be encouraged. I am sure this book really enlighten and lift up our morals.

    Thank you for sharing Asqfish…!


  8. diprotes sama siapa yaaaa… hehehehehe

    RayonSoleil >> udah lupa ya siapa yg paling ngeselin kalo kasih komentar …? ha ha ha…. here i go again !!!! 😀

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